CPW PDM Holley Fans and Fuel Pump
CPW PDM Holley Fans and Fuel Pump Holley Add-on Fuel pump and Fan module CPW PDM Holley Fans and Fuel Pump CPW Sealed Fuse Box CPW Sealed Fuse box CPW Sealed Fuse box


Built specifically for the Holley EFI harnesses with power tap and 8 pin I/O connections like the Terminator X. This power distribution module (PDM) is a plug and play solution with relays and fuses for Electric fans and Fuel pump along with connections that plug directly in to your wiring harness from Holley EFI.

Optional upgrade available for 2 Fuel Pumps and an auxiliary relay that can be used to operate a 3rd fuel pump, extra cooling fan, or anything else that draws less than 30A.

Module Includes:

  • Sealed Fuse/Relay block w/ Cover
  • Threaded 6mm x 1.0 nut plates can be moved to mount from 2 available positions
  • 35A Fan Relays
  • 35A Fuel Pump Relays
  • 30A Fuses for E-fan and Fuel pump outputs
  • 8ft long 12 AWG E-Fan 12V output wires
  • 9ft long 12 AWG Fuel Pump 12V output wire
  • 4 pin power tap connection to plug directly in to your Holley wiring
  • 8 pin I/O connection to plug directly in to your Holley wiring
  • I/O wires pre-installed to match leftover wires in connection
  • Extra power tap connection for additional add-ons like our A/C Module
  • Plug for Flex Fuel (E85) composition sensor (Pre-installed resistor per Holley’s instructions)
  • Plug for 4 pin LSx style alternator (Pre-installed resistor per Holley’s instructions)
  • Optional upgrade with dual fuel pump relays and additional Auxiliary relay.

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 5 × 5 in

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WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm.