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The owner of this 1997 Jaguar XK8 wasn't happy with the power of the original V8, however, he loved
the car overall and wanted to put some power under the hood. Originally, the crate LS3 engine was
intended to be left alone, along with the 6L80E transmission. In the end, we also installed a Magnuson
Supercharger. The customer enlisted a local hot-rod shop to build a custom hood scoop to clear the blower.

We performed the complete installation on the car in our facility. Factory Corvette engine mounts
were used, and the Jaguar front crossmember was modified to work.

The interior was left as much stock as could be. All of the factory gauges work, the ABS is still
functional, as well as the cruise control. The GM A/C compressor was connected up to the Jaguar and the
factory climate controls are still completely functional. The stock shifter works the 6L80E transmission, and when
the shifter is pulled over and down a gear below overdrive, manual mode is engaged. The Jaguar's OE
Stability control button was modified and now acts as the up and down shift control.

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