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Current Performance Wiring is proud to be of service since 1999
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S-10 V8 conversion harnesses are our specialty.
Any S-10 or Sonoma of any year can be used as a nice bed for a V8 transplant. We build custom plug and play harnesses for the 94-up LT1, LS1, and Vortec engines for any year GM truck.

A typical LSx S-10 Engine Swap harness is $850

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This is an example of a Complete Custom Harness built from scratch for a 1992 Chevy Full Size Chevy P/U getting a 6.0 LQ9 engine installed using the 5 speed transmission from the 1992 truck. Also prepped for Electric Fans.

The typical custom harness like this sells for $975.


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This is a Harness built from scratch for a 2001 Silverado getting a Corvette LS1. The truck had a 4.8, so the customer could have used the 4.8 harness modified with the proper injector plugs. However, the 4.8 wiring goes over the intake, and comes out the side to the computer, which is not the look this person wanted. So a new harness was built and routed so all the wiring will be hidden under the Corvette injector covers on the LS1 engine, and the wiring over to the computer goes around the engine compartment so it looks much cleaner under the hood.

On the left is an example of a harness custom built for an LS3 install in to a 1996 Imapala SS. The original harness form the 96 Impala was shipped to us and used as a template for building the new harness to fit the car. Some of the components of the original wiring, like the ABS and fuse block were kept and transplanted in to the new wiring. This system was built for an LS3 and 4L85E swap, and intended to retain all of the factory functions of the original vehicle.

The typical custom harness like this sells for $975.


Harnesses come covered in standard OE split loom
Optional Braided loom available for an extra charge

A complete custom harness from Current Performance Wiring contains all of the electrical connections that are required for the vehicle that the engine is being installed in. These harnesses include relays for the fuel pump, starter, fans, A/C, etc. All fuses that are not in the vehicle already are included in the complete custom harnesses as well.

This harness is not only designed to plug right in to the project vehicle and engine, but since they are completely built from scratch, they can be made to your specs. If you are going for a clean install and want the ECU inside the passenger compartment, or all the way back in the trunk, we can make it exactly how you need.

The main difference between this harness and the engine management harness is that the complete custom harness is exactly that... meaning it is built custom for your application. The engine management harness is cheaper because it is designed to do nothing except run the engine, and supply any necessary signals such as speedometer and tachometer. The custom harness is built to inlcude all of the functions that your vehicle will use, such as any factory gauges that can be used, any connectors that go to or through the firewall, relays to control the fans via the computer, and we will utilize the factory Neutral Safety switch if possible.

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